Our Mission

Gummy Molds was established in 2020 with the intention of providing only the highest quality food-grade silicone molds.

Our mission is to provide silicone mold manufacturing at a scale that enables cannabis, hemp, and supplement brand manufacturers, as well as bakeries, candy companies, candle makers, and restaurants, among others, to meet growing product demand without encountering production hiccups.

Our experts at Gummy Molds have thoroughly researched the many nuances involved in gummy candy production. From the equipment, gummy recipes, and proprietary processes to the material science of silicone mold substrates, we have studied it all and pride ourselves on being silicone manufacturing nerds. 

Gummy Molds caters to all industries, not just those who need gummy molds. Silicone candle molds, silicone chocolate molds, silicone molds for hard candy, and silicone molds for pretty much anything else than can be poured and shaped—we supply them all. Don’t let our catchy name limit your novel idea. 

So stop wasting time in the kitchen using inferior quality molds. Superior molded products require superior silicone molds. Let the silicone mold nerds at Gummy Molds help you give shape to your custom mold innovations.

Want to learn more about how we make silicone molds? Visit our Custom Silicone Molds page.