Titanium dioxide e171 in food

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What is Titanium Dioxide?

Michael Smith

Most people have probably never heard of titanium dioxide, although it’s common in a wide range of foods they eat and everyday products they use. For the manufacturers of molds for gummy bears and their customers who use them, titanium oxide merits extra attention. Let’s look at what titanium dioxide...

What is Gelatin Made Of?

David Garcia1 comment

Gelatin is the secret ingredient that binds so many of our most popular treats together. From gummy candies and Jello to baked goods and desserts, gelatin powder adds moisture and that famous jelly-like texture to the sweets that we all know and love.  But what is gelatin made of, exactly?...

What is BPA-Free Silicone?

David Garcia

Used in products ranging from BPA-free water bottles to silicone molds and more, this tough and pliable material is made without Bisphenol-A, a dangerous chemical that's common to plastics. Let's do a deep dive into silicone and look at why it's far superior to BPA plastic, answering some common questions...